Weekend Masses

                 Saturday     4:00pm at St. Luke's Church        

                                     5:30pm at St. John's Church

​                Sunday      8:30am at St. John's Church
​                                     10:00am at St. Luke's Church

​                                                 Weekday Schedule
Monday         No Services

​                  Tuesday        5:15pm Mass at St. Luke's Church
                  Wednesday   8:30am Mass at St. John's Church
                        9:30am Mass or Word/Communion Services at The Meadows
​                      10:00am Mass or Word/Communion Services at Greenway Manor

​                  Thursday      8:30am Mass at St. Luke's Church

​                  Friday           8:30am Mass at St. John's Church

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
We are a Eucharistic Community called together to celebrate our Catholic faith. As a welcoming community of God, our mission is to provide an environment that  enriches our spiritual, personal and social growth through prayer, education, outreach and fellowship.              
- Joint Parish Mission Statement (November 2010)

Mass Schedule