St. Luke Parish, Plain

St. John's and St. Luke's Parishes have been linked since 2003.  This linkage provides us with a shared pastor, staff and shared programs.

St. Luke's is located in Plain, Wisconsin - a ten minute drive uphill from Spring Green.   The church sits on a hill and is visible from miles away.​​

The Grotto to our Lady of Lourdes is found
along the way to the chapel.  

The original colored statues now rest inside
the chapel.  The statue of Our Lady was donated
by the Dischler Family and the statue of St.
Bernadette was donated by the Knights of 

The white statues now located in the grotto were donated by Tom and Soni Kraemer.

We are grateful to all of our donors for their

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
We are a Eucharistic Community called together to celebrate our Catholic faith. As a welcoming community of God, our mission is to provide an environment that  enriches our spiritual, personal and social growth through prayer, education, outreach and fellowship.              
- Joint Parish Mission Statement (November 2010)

St. Luke's School has students in 4K-8th Grades.

Some students from St. John's School continue on
at St. Luke's after they graduate from 5th grade.

              St. Anne's Chapel/Shrine

A precious treasure is hidden on top of a hill behind St. Luke's Church.
If you go to the top of the cemetery, pass through a turnstile and walk
uphill, you will be guided by the Stations of the Cross to St. Anne's
Chapel - a place of peace, simplicy and beauty.